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You’re the Cheerleader!!

This morning on the playground, a few little children were playing basketball with Miss Ashley (one of the other teachers).  Suddenly, a little three-year-old named Hudson piped up, “Miss Ashley, YOU can’t play basketball!  You’re the cheerleader!  Only BOYS can play basketball!”

Now somebody tell me, where did this three-year-old learn that boys were athletes and girls were cheerleaders?  There are girls’ AND boys’ teams on television and he isn’t yet old enough to go to a live basketball game where there are boys playing and girls cheering.  Is it because his dad only watches guy teams and Hudson notices that there are boys playing and girls cheering?  Perhaps.  Did daddy tell him that boys played sports and girls cheered for them?  Maybe.  Honestly, I’ve no clue.  But, while mildly insulting, that was stinkin’ funny – and slightly telling!

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Help vs. Hurt (cont.) – Jan. 3

Things I did today that helped:

1. Went shopping.

2. Arrived at work early and made my appearance in the boss’s office.

3. Ate lunch in my mom’s room (a free lunch, I might add).

4. Saw my kids for the first time in about two and a half weeks.

5. Witnessed an incredibly hilarious conversation between a three-year-old and a four-year-old.

6. Gave a friend a gift.

7. Spent time with some of my favorite people.

8. Got asked out on a date.

9. Showed off my new clothes.

10. Drank a bottle of water.

Things I did today that hurt:

1. Woke up to my alarm at 6:40 and hit snooze until 8:15.

2. Ate a chicken taco for lunch.

3. Left my phone at home by mistake.

4. Ached and ached due to my excessive exercising the night before.

5. Went straight from work to work.

6. Ate a bowl of canned chili (what was I thinking?)

7. Stayed up entirely too late (it’s after midnight).

Once again, the positives outweigh the negatives. Score!!

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