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Two Minutes Too Late

So, my boyfriend Josh is amazing at the marathon mode of Tetris on the DS Lite.  Marathon mode is when you play Tetris until you’ve cleared 200 lines.  He’s beaten it, like, seven times.  But I haven’t beaten it once.  So, in the car yesterday, I made it my mission to beat the stupid marathon mode so Josh couldn’t say he was better than me anymore.  Well, I played several times and realized I was getting better and better.  So finally, I cleared 150 lines (my record up to that point) and was still going strong.  I’m not sure exactly how many lines I had when, at the climax of my endeavor, my DS Lite shut off.

The battery had died.  It died!  Now I’ll never know if I would have beaten that stupid marathon mode!  I’m devestated.  But all is not lost.  I have a charger.  Yes, we shall meet again Marathon Mode.

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Help vs. Hurt

Things I did today that helped:

1.  Woke up early.

2.  Added sugar to my cereal.

3.  Exercised.

4.  Cleaned out my car.

5.  Initiated my “Beginning a Masters Degree” effort with a couple phone calls.

6.   Went back to sleep for a few hours.

7.  Wore my new boots and my new jacket at the same time.

8.  Pursued a better job.

9.  Read to my students.

10.  Played a game.

11. Worked with Boyfriend on my resume/website.

12.  Ate potato and broccoli soup.

Things I did today that hurt:

1.  Got up early.

2.   Turned down a job.

3.  Once again, put off cleaning my room.

4.  Ate a cafeteria hotdog for lunch.

5.  Forgot to let Sarah T. go to the treasure bag.

6.  Ate several pieces of chocolate because I was hungry.

Too many of the things I do that hurt involve eating bad food when I’m hungry.  I’m making the personal commitment to work very hard on not doing that anymore.  And don’t worry, Sarah T. will most assuredly go to the treasure bag on Wednesday (but not tomorrow because she’s not coming to ASC).

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