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Help vs. Hurt

Things I did today that helped:

1.  Hit snooze for an hour (and a half).

2.  Played basketball with Josh in my driveway.

3.  Ate cheesey potato soup.

4.  Took a long walk in the neighborhood.

5.  Watched Toy Story.

6.  Ate a huge slice of pizza!

7.  Walked around the mall.

8.  Played on the piano.

9.  Thought about my friends in Spain.

10.  Beat marathon mode on tetris (TWICE!!)

11.  Started a major cleaning-my-room session which I shall finish once I’m done posting.

12.  E-mailed a far-away friend.

13.  Ate a rice krispie treat.

Things I did today that hurt:

1.  Woke up to a messy room.

2.   Missed a movie.

3.  Forgot to put the lid back on something.

4.  Ate another gigantic piece of pizza.

Everyday the positives outweigh the negatives.  I think it’s the big things that make me feel….um… the end of the day.  I need a better-paying job, for one thing.  And I really want to move out of my parent’s house.  I’d love to know I’ll be starting my masters soon.  But none of those things look like they’ll be happening any time soon.  BUT – I gotta stay positive!  Because, even if you add those three big things to my negative list, I still have had a more positive day!

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Tetris and Writer’s Block

I finally beat it!!  I beat marathon mode on Tetris for the DS Lite!!  I’m soooooo happy!

On another note, I have a favor to ask of anyone who reads this.  i am going to write down the verse of a song.  One should be able to tell the rhythm of the lines by reading the first three.  The fourth is the one that needs mending.  I won’t write what I’ve come up with.  I want anyone with a suggestion to write it in for me.  All I need is one line that rhymes with the first two lines.  You’ll understand when you see it.  Here goes:

Lying still, as still can be.

Moving only tires me.

So I’ll lay here like a sculpture


Any ideas?

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I have a confession to make. I only created this blog so that I could talk about the preschoolers I work with in after-school care. I see my friends all the time, and so this blog isn’t really for them. Of course I have random posts that are enjoyable for everyone (at least, I hope). But ultimately, this blog is for people like me, who find themselves smiling at every baby they pass and imagining what life will be like when they have their own babies to smile at. So for all of you baby-lovers, please enjoy the many stories, pictures, and anecdotes I post.

For those of you wondering about my title, a pine-alope is a word invented by one of my three-year-olds, meaning “pineapple” – typically one that is chopped up, canned, and served at snack-time at some after-school care program. I am a huge fan of the pine-alope myself. And I’m sure you are too.

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Help vs. Hurt

Things I did yesterday that helped:

1.  Arrived to work on time.

2.  Told the story of Hannah to my three-year-olds.

3.  Taught a little boy how to say “Too bad, so sad”. (He finally got it after several times of saying “Too bad, too sad”.)

4.  Had a noodle fight with keilah diaz.

5.  Slept for five hours.

6.  Went to a party.

7.  Watched a very decent 2006 episode of the Simpsons.

8.  Managed to get to bed at an acceptable time.

Things I did yesterday that hurt:

1.  Skipped church.

2.  Forgot to eat until 9:00 at night.

Good day, yesterday. Can’t complain. Happy MLK Day everybody.

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