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The Land of Nap

It is well-known that children have very vivid imaginations.  However, a little less known is a magical place called the Land of Nap.  This imaginative world, created by the minds of toddlers and preschoolers all over the world, is a land of solace.  It soothes the children’s restless minds and speeds up the hands of the wall clock.  This place – The Land of Nap – is visited only by napping babes; but sometimes a lucky passerby might catch a glimpse of it.  I am often that lucky passerby.  I catch glimpses of that strange and mystical world all the time.  Why?  Naptime. 

For one hour of each day, I witness six to eight little three and four-year-olds  drifting into the Land of Nap.  Now, one musn’t mistake the Land of Nap for a dreamland of sorts, for a dreamland it is not.  It is a land for those who are not sleepy enough for a nap, for those who failed to get their wiggles out before the dreadful napping hour.  Where wiggles and giggles meet naptime exists the Land of Nap.  At times, this land has served as the portal between waking and sleeping.  There is a bridge in the Land of Nap that leads to a fantastic dreamland, but it is rarely crossed.  No.  Babes in the Land of Nap almost always remain there the entire duration of naptime, exploring and essentially playing. 

From what a passerby such as myself can gather about the Land of Nap, it is a happy place.  Children choose to go there and enjoy the time spent gallavanting about in it.  I often hear noises and see hand gestures.  But one can only speculate about what goes on in such a place.   Sometimes I think I remember that world, and I ponder on it, trying to picture it.  I am sure I have been there, although that is the extent of my memory.  And so  I watch the children enter into it and I watch them leave again.  And I smile about it.

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