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It’s not a diet!!

I’ve come to a terrifying realization.  TWO, in fact.  Firstly, I am addicted to eating food.  And it’s not just any food either.  I am 100 percent addicted to eating sugary, rotten junk food.  I eat for all occasions.  I eat when I’m sleepy, bored, hungry, upset, or in any type of social situation.  It’s past the ridiculous point.  I need divine intervention.  This brings me to my second terrifying realization.  I am spiritually dry.  Dry, dry, dry.  I cannot seem to find the discipline to sit down and devote any ounce of time to Jesus.  This, too, is past the ridiculous point.  I need to take some serious action to eliminate these two problems.  When I was pondering on it this morning, I decided I needed a fast. 

Specifics are still a little shady, but I think I have a skeleton for my plan of action.  I want to do a thirty-day fast where I only eat one meal a day.  This meal can be at any time during the day that I choose, but it needs to be a healthy meal that I have planned out.  I can only drink water and juice.  And during this one treasured meal of the day, I am to simultaneously eat my meal, appreciate the fact that God grants me any meal on any day, and also study the Words of Jesus in the gospels.  I feel like this will take my mind off of food and help me focus in on God’s grace and love.  I need to train myself to be righteous and loving.  It’s hard to do that without a Bible in hand or a prayer in mouth.  I am going to force myself to rely on God’s Bread of Life instead of man’s junk food. 

But let me make this very clear: THIS IS NOT A DIET!!  I weigh a healthy 118 right now.  Losing weight is not on my agenda.  I am doing this because I fear for my physical and spiritual health.  The things I put in my body are unacceptable and the things I deprive my body of are essential.  It’s not a diet, it’s an intervention.  When it starts, I am not sure yet.  Hopefully I can start Monday or something.  We’ll see.

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