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The Boy Raised As A Girl

I went through a child psychology kick a couple years ago in which I went to the library and picked out several topic-related books.  One of these books changed my life.  It was a book by John Colapinto called As Nature Made Him: The Boy Raised As A Girl.  It was about a man named David Reimer who, after a botched circumcision, was injected with female hormones and raised as Brenda.  The interesting part psychologically was that he was an identical twin.  This was both amazing and unfortunate.  It gave tremendous insight into the nature vs. nurture debate; however, it also reduced him to nothing more than an experiment, and his quality of life was often compromised in the name of science. 

This incredible story changed my perspective in the deepest way.  It opened my mind more fully to the nature side of the nature vs. nurture issue, it changed the way I feel about homosexuality, and it opened my eyes to a serious problem that many families face – not just the Reimer family.  As much as this book changed a huge aspect of my life, it greatly saddened me to hear that a very confused and depressed David Reimer committed suicide in 2004.  I was googling the book title to find out who the author was and came across this article.  It always makes my stomach turn to know that someone has to suffer endless turmoil because of poor and selfish decision-making on the part of others.  For the sake of David Reimer and others like him, I recommend giving As Nature Made Him: The Boy Raised As A Girl a thorough read.  Read it with an open mind.  It could very well change your life the way it did mine (or in some other fascinating way). 

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