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But after being warned in a dream…

Starting last night, I’m reading my Bible every night before bed.  I’m starting with the Gospels because I want to study Jesus’ life.  I read chapter 2 of Matthew last night (because chapter 1 was a genealogy and…no thank you.)  It gave a brief summary of Mary and Joseph’s uniting and of the birth of Jesus.  It also gives an account of the visit by the Magi.  One thing that kept sticking out in my mind is how often God warned or spoke to someone through a dream.  And I found it even more incredible that these people knew that their dream was really from God and obeyed it!  I mean, that’s gutsy!

 I know my dreams are usually really weird and incoherent.  For instance, last night, I had this superly awesome dream that I was a super hero with great strength who could bust through walls and defeat bad people with my team of other super heros.  Seriously.  It was actually so cool that when I woke up, I purposely pushed snooze and went back to sleep so I could continue using my awesome powers. 

Anyway, the point is, I didn’t wake up and think “OH MY GOSH!  GOD TURNED ME INTO A SUPERHERO!!!”  I thought, “Wow….that was….awesome.”  I’ve had some interesting dreams and many of them have felt very real; but I can’t imagine waking up and knowing I’ve just received a message from God Himself.  It’s amazing.  But, I figure it makes more sense to me than actually hearing a voice while I’m showering or something.  So I prayed last night that God would speak to me sometime in a dream.  I dream constantly; so I might as well dream something useful!  Seriously, though, I would love to be able to hear from Him and it seems that He prefers to speak through dreams.  I really do hope that as I continue to pray for people or situations in my life, that I will have a great enough rapport with Him so that He can speak to me in any form or fashion He wants. 

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So, I tweaked my fasting idea a little and came up with a plan. I executed that plan for one day and abandoned it. It’s not that it wasn’t a good plan. It’s just that I found a better one. I was going to do one week of one meal a day. During that one meal I planned to read my Bible. It went pretty well, but it’s just not the best plan of action, I guess. BUT it was super eye-opening. Because I was so focused in on not eating anything, it made me very aware of how much junk I throw into my body without a second thought. There were three or four times that I almost ate some really unhealthy food just because it was laying out. For instance, we did a food craft that involved cookies that I knew I didn’t even like; but I almost reached over and took one before remembering that I couldn’t have anything. Another time, I was handed a bag of mini marshmallows and told to put them away. I almost reached in and grabbed a few to pop in my mouth when, once again, I remembered my fast. I’m so glad I did it for a day because it let me know when my worst moments are. My new plan of action??? Well, I’m glad you inquired…

I have made a few guidelines that I must follow that will force me to take extremely good care of myself. Here are a few that I have so far:

1. I do a thoroughly planned-out amount of exercising every day, twice a day – morning and night.

2. I can only eat, at work, what I pack or plan to eat at work. This means no marshmallows, no cookies, no dry cereal, no oatmeal pies. Only the lunch I pack for myself. This lunch may only be eaten at nap-time.

3. I read from my Bible and meditate on its scripture for a few minutes every night before I close my eyes.

4. I may not drink carbonated beverages. The worst liquid I will put in my body is sweet tea – and that is only to be had every once in a while.

Hopefully, these guidelines will help me take good care of myself. I have a feeling that if I stick to this plan, I’ll not only become fit and healthy, I’ll start to see some big changes in other aspects, as well. For instance, I am going to keep a close eye on how this diet and exercise routine effects my organization, my confidence, my physical health, and my sleep habits. I hope to stay neater, feel better, and not feel tired all the time. I’m also going to see if I start to get over this chronic cold I seem to have. It’s gonna be interesting! I encourage you all to do something similar.

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One day, I was sitting at the Creation Station coloring pictures with some of the children in my class.  There is one little four-year-old girl who loves to write random letters on a sheet of paper and then run up to me and ask, “Miss Leah, what does this spell?”.  To this, I usually have to answer “Sweetie, that doesn’t say anything at all.”  Sometimes she gets confused and says “But I wrote letters.  What do they spell?”  I’ll say, “Nothing.  The word you wrote doesn’t exist.”  These dialogues begin and end similarly every time. 


On this particular day, she ran up to me with another paper full of random letters and asked me what they spelled.  As usual, I answered, “Nothing.”  She looked thoughtful and then asked a not-so-usual question: “Nothin’?  Well, how do ya spell nothin’?”.  Not really thinking much about it, I spelled the word out for her slowly while coloring my picture.  What I didn’t realize was that moments later, that little girl was going to hand me this and say, “It’s for you, Miss Leah.”

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