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I’m starting to get the feeling that says I have too much stuff going on inside my brain.  I think it’s time to dump the bucket again.  Let me just get these crazy thoughts outta here!

 Firstly, Josh came to the school on Friday to play his guitar for the little ones.  They LOVED him.  We did the hokey pokey, the noah song (which the kids did an amazing job learning), and father abraham.  My kids were able to show off a little bit with some songs that they usually do everyday with my boss.  It was a really good time.  I’ve never seen Josh so nervous about performing in front of kids before.  But I guess three, four, and five-year-olds can be pretty intimidating if you’re not around them much.  Anyway, my director and the kids have all made it very clear that he is welcome back anytime.  I hope he’ll take them up on their offer.

Secondly, I went to a fascinating Fancy-Pants party on Friday and it was pretty sweet.  I wasn’t sure how much fun I’d have meeting tons of people all at the same time.  But rather than a brain overload, I had a really good time.  I met some interesting people and had some interesting conversations.  I also ran into some people that I don’t see much but that I never thought would be at my friend’s Fancy-Pants party.  But it was great.  I was happy to share a drawing that one of my preschoolers drew for me.  It was a hit, I do believe.  And it wasn’t anything but a bunch of airplanes!

Thirdly, the Oscars were soooooo boring, I about died.  I’ve never watched them before and I don’t think I ever will again.  It was just so long and it involved so many people and awards that I cared nothing about.  But the time spent with friends was nice.

Fourthly, I’ve heard from so many of my friends from other countries through e-mail and a ton of my American friends through the networking sites (facebook, virb, myspace).  I’ve had a good time catching up with people.  I finally feel at home in the ATL once again.  I’d been hurtin’ for some Cleveland but now I can be content with where I am.  It’s a good feeling.

That’s about all I have to say right now.  I figured I can write whatever I want anyway ’cause no one even reads this stupid blog except, like, Josh.  Thanks, Josh.  I mean, Josh. See?  I’ve learned my manners.

 K, I’m out.

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