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Help vs. Hurt

Things I did recently that helped:

1.  Got engaged!

2.  Started a new job

3.  Booked a chapel, reception site, and rehearsal dinner room for the wedding stuff

4.  Sang karaoke

5.  Ate a bloomin’ onion at outback steakhouse

6.  Got my nails done

7.  Went to bed early two nights in a row

8.  Got a free soy chai tea latte with vanilla from the starbucks at work

9.  Was dubbed “Princess” by the doorman at the Atlanta Financial Center

10.  Was complimented by my boss – twice

11.  Realized that the place I work has a free soda fountain (this means I can drink soda all day for free)

12.  Threw a Die Hard birthday party

13.  Watched Die Hard

14.  Had three awkward encounters with the quirky, one-liner guy that every workplace has

15.  Bought new dress-clothes for work.

Things I did recently that hurt:

1.  Sat with my shoulders and back all tensed up for hours and hours in a row

2.  Ate out every single day last week

3.  Skipped exercising two weeks in a row

4.  Let my room get super messy

Feeling good!!!  None of those negatives can’t be easily fixed!

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Hey everyone, for those of you who asked me to keep you up-to-date on wedding planning stuff, I wanted to let you know that we have now started blogging about the whole process.  We are trying to let everyone know some of the juicy details so that you feel you are as involved as possible in all of this. Visit for a picture of the ring, a list of people in the wedding party, and other details one might be interested in. 

 Thanks again for your support!  We’re having a great time with this!

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Can I just say that the information with which I am working is freaking incredible???!  Because it is!!  I just came out of a teeny meeting with the attorney I work for and he just made me understand so much about closing a real estate deal!  It’s so interesting!  Best job ever!!!!

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The Best Friday Morning

I left my house late this morning and it was very rainy outside.  I was disappointed because I wanted to be at work early today.  Luckily, there was not much traffic and I ended up at work early enough to make me happy.  When I got here, I immediately had two or three pleasant social interactions.  Then,  I went downstairs to the Starbucks and ordered a Soy Chai Tea Latte.  The man working there insisted I needed to try it with vanilla, so I ordered vanilla in it as well.  Because it was a new mixture for me, they didn’t charge me for the drink.  The vanilla made my free latte even tastier.  I had another pleasant social interaction on the elevator.  When I got back to my office, a man came by to tell me there was a box of Krispie Kreme donuts in the kitchen area.  So I got one.  I just finished reading a couple of very encouraging passages in Psalms, while eating my delicious donut and sipping on my free soy chai tea latte.   It’s been a good Friday morning.

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It’s all coming together…

So, as everyone now knows, Josh and I are engaged and I have taken a new job at a law firm in Buckhead.  Since then, many things have started to come together.  Josh and I picked October 6 as our wedding day and we’ve already discussed the guest list, wedding party and honeymoon (although none of those details are certain).  I even have a wedding dress picked out already.  Also, today was my first day at Morris, Manning, and Martin.  It was an overwhelming day but I refuse to write an opinion of the job itself until after a few weeks go by.  I can say that this job will do a lot of great things for Josh and me as a couple, as well as many good things for me personally.  I feel a growth spurt coming on as I sit here at my new desk, three minutes before I leave.  As nervous and apprehensive as I am after my first day, I find solace in the thought that for the first time in a long while, it’s all coming together.

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The Saddest, No, the Happiest Day Ever

My world was flooded with mixed emotions today, walking into work for the last time.  As much as I’m excited about the prospect of making more money and working in the Atlanta Financial Center, I’m torn to shreds by the thought of not seeing my little ones anymore.  I keep telling myself that I’ll come back and visit; but I’m not sure I’ll have many chances to do that.  I just hope I get to see them a couple times before half of them move on to the “big school”. 

I gave each child a parting gift – pink purses and lip gloss for the girls, ninja action figures for the boys.  I hope to keep in touch with a few of the ones with whom I’ve become particularly close. 

I’m sad to leave the children behind, but I’m also excited that I will never again lay out mats and put sheets on them; nor will I pick up mats and fold up sheets.  I will never again wipe those tables of dirty little crumbs and spills.  I will no longer have to raise my voice over a dozen squealing ones in an attempt to create silence in the classroom.  I will have a lunch break!!!  I will have a savings account!!!  I will be surrounded by people who not only know how to tie their shoes, but who have been doing it for years and years!!! 

Yes, I am sad today.  But I am also very, very, very, very excited!!!

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Birthday Time!

Hey everyone.  I just wanted to make everyone aware that my fiance’s birthday is coming up the 21.  It’s a Wednesday.  For all of you involved with Mt. Paran youth group on Wednesday nights, it will be his turn to experience the embarassment of the Birthday Song.  Go wish him a happy birthday at!

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It’s time for a party!

A lot of exciting things have happened over the past few months that are note-worthy and definitely party-worthy.  I graduated in December, got engaged Friday night, accepted a wonderful job opportunity this morning, and quit my current job this afternoon.  I need to have a Happy Graduation/Engagement/New Job party.  It’s only right. 

Most people don’t know I just took a new job this morning so I’ll elaborate just a bit.   A friend of the family interviewed for three receptionist positions at three law firms.  She only took one, of course, and when she found out I was in need of a job that paid a lot more money, she told me about the other two firms and their open positions.  I sought out one of them and had a couple interviews.  I didn’t hear from them for a while so I thought I wasn’t getting the job.  This morning, however, I was offered a job somewhere in real estate (I have no idea what I’d be doing exactly).  I’ll be making double the salary I’m making now and supposedly the job is fun and easy.  It’s also a wonderful opportunity to get my foot in the door for some entry-level experience in law firms – which will earn me the big bucks if I choose to stick with that career for a while – not to mention that making more money never hurts when you’re trying to get married!  I’m so nervous and excited right now.  There’s so much happening that I feel like I can’t keep up!!  So anyway, I’m having a freakin’ party!!!  Wanna come?

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What do ya need that for??

I really enjoy blogging.  There are many reasons I love to do it.  But one of my favorite parts about this blog is viewing the blog stats.  I like to see how many people are viewing my blog and how they got there.  I especially love to see which search engine terms people typed in that lead them to me.  I read one this morning that blew my mind.  It was “how to harass people and get away with it”.  Their term lead them to my harassing police officers post.  I would love to know what spurred that search.

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Miss Leah’s Getting Married!!

Going to work this morning was very interesting.  I had called an “ex-co-worker” Saturday morning to let her know about the engagement because she had always told me to call when something happened.  It turns out she told everyone at my workplace before I got to work.  So the moment I walked in the door, there were teachers everywhere wanting to see the ring and congratulate me.  It was pretty funny.

The best part was telling my kids.  I talk about Josh very frequently in my class and many of them have asked me if we were going to get married.  I told them that I would certainly marry him if he asked me.  This morning, they were terribly confused as teacher after teacher came into the room, excitedly said congratulations and asked to see my finger.  They would just stare and eventually they started asking questions.  So I told them that Friday night, Josh had given Miss Leah a ring.  I told them that the ring meant that Miss Leah was going to get married.  Their faces were priceless.  They just smiled and smiled.  Kaity ran up and hugged me and my sweet Madison just kept saying “You’re getting married!”.  It’s been nice to have so many people happy for me during this exciting time, but there was something about having a room full of preschoolers saying sweet things like “Then you guys will be a mommy and a daddy” and “You can borrow my mommy’s veil someday” that made me feel so special and honored.  My children mean the world to me and it’s so great to know I have their support and approval!  I love them!!  Anyway, good times…

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