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For those of you who do not know, I love me some karaoke.  It’s probably the most entertaining people-watching you’ll ever get.  Well, for the first time in my life, I actually had a bad experience with karaoke.  The other night, I was at a karaoke bar with some friends and I went up to do a song.  Well, the regular d.j. (Rose Marie) was done with her shift and so she let this other lady take over.  This particular “fill-in” was a little infatuated with me because I helped her put on a tiara in the bathroom at one point during the night.

So, during my song, she decides that she likes my singing and that my ability to sing makes me “hot”.  The woman is hollering out random things over my song the whole time and then – to my horror –  she proceeds to yell “You’re hot, girl! Take off that sweater!!” (I was wearing a sweater.)  That yelled, she begins to peel my sweater off of my body while I’m singing.


If you didn’t catch that, the woman started peeling my sweater off of my body on stage while I’m singing.  I thought she was just kidding, but she really wouldn’t let go of the sweater until I allowed her to take the whole thing off.  THEN – as if that wasn’t enough – she decided I had earned a “butt-slap” for doing such a good job.

I sang no other songs that night.  I sat behind Josh, hiding.

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To think…all this brought me here.

I love looking at my blog stats.  Here are some of the search engine terms people have used to find my site (that I thought were interesting).

 1.  excellent memory thoughts

2.  since I no longer have ill feelings

3.  lyrics to more than meets the eye

4.  psalms for getting a job and keeping it

                          AND MY PERSONAL FAVORITE…

5.  singing ferret coloring pictures

You just have to wonder what these people were really looking for when they typed in the phrases.  What kind of life circumstances drive you to search for these things?

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Sneak Peak At My Insanity

Ok, I have some pictures from my eighties night. They’re in an album I just created on Facebook.  I’m only leaving it up for a couple days and then it’s coming off!  I’m going to go ahead and give everyone fair warning. If you think you are going to get to look at some sexy pics of me in a bikini – don’t even bother looking. You’ll be so disappointed you’ll probably die. If you think you’re going to see some artistic modeling portfolio, think again. This is pure hilarity. That’s what it was created for and that’s what it is. If you want to take anything more than a laugh from these pictures, prepare to be severely let down.

(For those of you wondering, see previous post – Bringin’ it back)

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Bringin’ it back!!!

So, sometimes I get super bored and do really odd things to keep myself entertained.  Last night was one of those times.  I had bought some new eye shadow on the way home from work and so I thought I’d play with it a little.  It turned into me putting on lots of make-up as if I were going to be on stage, crimping my hair (yes, I said crimping), putting on my bathing suit and a skirt, and taking ridiculous pictures of myself.  It was so freaking funny.  I tried to look as serious as possible.   I don’t know why, but doing things you used to do in elementary school once in a while just helps.  I only wish it hadn’t have been too late to invite one of my friends over to join me.  One thing’s for sure, I’m definitely throwing an eighties party very soon.

 When I get up the nerve, I’ll post one of the pictures so that people can see the eighties version of myself.  It’s not a pretty sight, I can tell you that.  But it’s definitely entertaining.  Needless to say,  I was not bored last night.  Not bored at all.

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Oh-my-God!! How good is cake???

At my old job, I got paid to color.  At this job, I get paid to eat chocolate peanut-butter cake.

 I get paid more to eat cake because sometimes it makes my tummy hurt.

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Cake Day!!

I haven’t written in a while so allow me to do a brief catch-up post:

 Josh and I have been frantically planning our wedding.  I have to say, it has been amazingly fun MOST of the time.  We’ve made tons of progress.  We have our chapel booked, rehearsal dinner room booked, our reception site booked, we’ve picked out the wedding party, and we’ve found a delicious cake.  We’ve saved a lot of money here and there by getting a bit creative.  It really has been a blast. 

On a different note, my new job has been so wonderful.  I had a bit of a break-down yesterday but every other day (and even most of yesterday) has been terrific.  The people are so nice and there are so many wonderful things about the building I work in.  I can’t wait to show Josh around some weekend. 

Speaking of work, I received an e-mail today that was entitled “Cake Day!”.  So, it turns out that every month, in order to celebrate all the birthdays and anniversaries in that month, there is a cake day in which everyone goes to the 15th floor and eats tons of cake.  They bring in tons of different cakes from this one bakery and so there’s lots to choose from.  I haven’t been yet because it’s not until three, but I’m sooooooo excited I can’t stand it.  I keep checking the clock.

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