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Untitled Song

All winter long I’ve searched for warmth here;

But I’m always met with something insincere

And I think it’s time to quit.

 So I won’t try.

I won’t try.

I won’t try anymore.

I won’t try.

I won’t try.

I won’t try anymore – to change the world.

I’ve always wanted to protect you.

And now you’re crying – I don’t know what to do.

Guess I didn’t see it coming.

And I won’t try.

I won’t try.

I won’t try anymore.

I won’t try.

I won’t try.

I won’t try anymore – to change the world.

My optimism got the best of me.

I learned the hard way we were gonna be

Just like everybody else.

You told me I could do anything I wanted to.

Now I can’t see me with anyone else but you;

And I’ll always feel that way.

But I won’t try.

I won’t try.

I won’t try anymore.

 I won’t try.

I won’t try.

I won’t try anymore – to change the world.

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Venus vs. Mars

I recently went back to Mt. Paran to visit my class of pre-schoolers.  Upon arrival, I immediately ran into a group of my girls.  They began squealing and hugging and talking and laughing with me.  They wanted to know if I was married yet, if I was pregnant, if I was going to stay all day and so on.  It was a wonderful little reunion.  Then… I saw my boys.

 I am so thankful for the few psychology and child development classes I have taken.  Were it not for those courses, I would have left extremely depressed.  There was one little boy who was overwhelmingly excited to see me.  The rest were disinterested in me.  In fact, one little boy stared at me the entire time, but he actually seemed kind of mad at me. 

 I realize that boys and girls are extremely different; and rather than getting upset, I found the whole experience very interesting.  The girls bombarded me with stories and questions.  The boys’ only question was “Are you going to be our teacher today?”  They seemed a little embarassed around me.  So different….

I love child psychology.

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Sexy Pirate Pic.

Everyone look at this !

How good does JOSH look as a Pirate???  (He is next to me on the far left for those of you not familiar with my fiance Josh.)

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So, you’ve heard about Cake Day.  But now there’s a brand-spankin’ new day called Pizza Day.  It’s the first Thursday of every month.  Basically, on this day, one of the attorneys in our department treats the rest of floor 12 to free pizza during lunch.  I’m gonna have me some free pizza today!  WOOOOOOO – HOOOOOOOOO!!!

Face, everybody.  Face.

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I fought the law and…I won!

Remember the lady who says quirky things all the time but will casually drop the f-bomb at random?  A few weeks ago, she told me one of the best stories I’ve heard in a very very long time.  It goes something like this:

She’s probably in her early thirties at this time, maybe a little older, and she’s driving her husband’s sporty little car.  She decides she wants to give the car a run for its money and starts speeding along on a curvy backroad.  It’s dark and so she doesn’t realize when a cop pulls up behind her and begins to follow.  In fact, she thinks it’s some jerk trying to show her up, so she speeds up even more.

Of course, the blue lights go off and she thinks “@#?*”.   She knows she’s completely screwed because of how fast she was going.  So, impulsively, she jumps out of her car and runs full-speed toward the cop, who is out of his car at this point.  She runs up to him, wraps her arms around him and starts crying out “I’m so glad you’re not him, I’m so glad you’re not him!”  The cop is so baffled that it takes him a while to react.  But finally he starts trying to console her.  She then continues to explain through forced tears that she had thought he was the rapist that was out on the town and that he was going to rape and kill her.  She kept repeating that she was so glad he wasn’t the rapist and that he wasn’t going to hurt her.  The cop felt so sorry for her that he sat there with her for several minutes while she “calmed down”.  Then, to top it all off, she asks him to follow her home so that she knows she’s getting home safe.  AND HE DOES!! 

Not only did she get out of a ticket, she did it to the MAX, baby!  But that’s what women do.  We let the men think they’ve got the whole world under control, while we control everything under the table.  Just kidding….or am I……

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Another Day, Another Cake

Upon getting this job at the law firm, I quickly and giddily learned about a special day each month where several different kinds of cakes are ordered and placed in the 15th floor kitchen.  At three o’clock, everyone in the firm is invited to come get as much cake as they want in celebration of all the birthdays and anniversaries in that month.  It’s called Cake Day and it’s probably the best day I’ve ever heard of. 

I mention this because today is, in fact, Cake Day, and I will be eating at least one piece of delicious cake in exactly one hour.  Why do I have the best life EVER???

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There’s a woman I work with who I absolutely cherish.  She’s the kindest, gentlest woman on our floor.  But she says these hilarious, quirky things all the time.  For instance, she’ll always ask about projects that I’m doing to make sure I don’t need any help.  But she feels bad for prying and so she’ll always end with “Well, I don’t wanna be a buttinski or anything.”  Buttinski!  What a word!  The other awesome thing she says is “Doodle”.  It’s an expletive she uses when she can’t find something or she’s frustrated. 

The best part is that despite her funny words, she actually can have a pottie mouth too.  The other day she was telling a story and completely dropped the f-bomb as if it were nothing.  I almost fell out of my seat when she did it.  God, do I ever love this woman!

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