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Electric Stapler

A couple months ago,  I discovered the electric stapler.  If you’ve never used one,  my soul is crying for you right now.  It is seriously SO fun to use!  Basically, you just take your little papers, place them quickly into the space (like you would any stapler) and then it automatically staples them for you!  You don’t ever have to pick up your stapler again.  Or even press down on it.  AMAZING!

Love you, electric stapler.

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Character of the day

The doorman.

At the Financial Center, there are people who stand at all the entrances during the day and part of the evening to open doors and give directions.  One particular doorman is my personal favorite.  He’s there almost every night when I leave.  He’s another nationality but I don’t know exactly what.  He has a bit of an accent (again – I don’t know what kind). and he ALWAYS calls me “Princess”.  He knows my name by now, but he still always makes it a point to call me Princess, too.  He dubbed me Princess after my first couple weeks at the AFC.  No wonder I like him, right?

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The Witch on 14

I was sitting in my office early this morning, when a loud voice came floating in from down the hall.  It was angry and rude – and familiar.  It was the witch on 14.  She’s a really mean attorney who doesn’t know how to act.  She had her poor paralegal on speakerphone and was ripping her a new one about a mistake she’d made.  It was the most disgusting display of professionalism I’d ever heard.  Not only was she being extremely ugly to her paralegal, but she had her door open, talking very loudly, with the paralegal on speakerphone so that everyone on the hall could hear what was going on.  So terrible…

 I have to believe that people like that get what’s coming to them.  It’s the only way I don’t lose my mind.

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Such as…

I feel like I’m obligated to share this.

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Let’s Roomba!

My aunts threw me a bridal shower on Saturday and we got TONS of stuff.  But we were a little disappointed because we had registered for a Roomba vacuum cleaner and never got it.  But then, we were at church yesterday and my dad told me that someone had dropped a present off for us in his office.  And guess what it was….ROOMBA!

 So we giddily unwrapped it yesterday at the apartment and hooked it up to the charger.  For those of you who do not know what a Roomba is – it’s a robot.  And I’ll say this: right now, I’m at a law firm in Buckhead, Josh is at a church in Atlanta, and our living room in Vinings is being vacuumed right now. (!)

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HELP!  My job is eating me!

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I check my blog stats everyday to see how people are finding my site.  And I’ve been feeling really guilty lately because the most used search engine term has been “sexy pic”.  People keep stumbling across my site because I have a post called “Sexy Pirate Pic” (which probably sounds really interesting and that’s why they click on it).  But it’s not a sexy picture at all.  It’s just a picture of me and my friends dressed as pirates at Faces Lounge.  Poor people.  All they ever wanted was to see a picture of a sexy pirate…

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Character of the day

There’s this guy at work that I call the “Have-a-good-day Guy”.  He just sort of showed up over the past couple weeks or so.  But he walks the halls of the building and says “Have a good day” to people.  I’ve gotten three “Have-a-good-day’s” from him so far.  I think I’ll keep an on-going tally.  I wonder what his job is….

 Have-a-good-day Guy makes me miss One-Liner Guy.  I met One-Liner Guy my first week at MM&M.  He never really introduced himself; but everytime we passed each other, he had a one-liner for me.  You know, lines like “Wow, that’s a lot of paper” or “Finally made it off the elevators” (picture a guy doing the two-handed pointing thing while he says it).  He had tons of lines like that.  But I just found out yesterday that he’s gone.  I don’t know what happened.  I’ll miss him, though.

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Leah Hawkins – Stapler

One of the ladies in my group just got a label-maker for a project she’s working on.  Now she’s a labeling machine.  She even labeled my stapler.

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My boss (Bob) came into my office yesterday and told me that he and the group had been talking.  Once again, I was scared.  But he said that the litigation team wanted to do something for me and “my fiance”.  So basically, Bob (with MM&M’s money) is taking the litigation group and me and Josh to a place called Nava about a month from now.  I thought that was so sweet.  Then a friend in my group showed me the menu…now I’m not so sure what I think about this evening out…

We’ll see, I guess.  But it was nice of Bob to think of me!  Awwww…

 sidenote: I’m having one of those days that isn’t necessarily bad, I just wish it were over.  It’s gotten old – especially since I tried to fix oatmeal and it over-flowed in the microwave.

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