Word Vomit

September 10, 2007 leahdanielle

In the movie Mean Girls, the phrase “word vomit” is used – describing what happens when you just suddenly and almost involuntarily start saying awful things about someone.  I think there is an epidemic of word vomit here at the firm.  People just start saying nasty things about each other all the time.  My most recent encounter almost made me vomit (for real).

 Someone asked me who I worked with and when I mentioned a particular name, the lady I was talking to immediately hurled all over me.  She gave me an earful about my co-worker and said terrible things about her.  In the midst of tearing my co-worker to shreds verbally, she was also singing the praises of another co-worker of mine, saying that the good co-worker should replace the bad co-worker.  The best part?  My friend (who had been standing there with me while I was backed into a corner by this lady) told me that usually, the mean lady bad-mouthed the “good co-worker” saying things that were completely opposite the things she’d told me.

So this is what I learned:  the word vomit epidemic is rampant and the only way to avoid it is to keep to yourself.  As one who wants to be friends with the whole world, I say:

 That’s not fair!    :*(


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