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I’ve been robbed!!

I’ve been on a bit of a high the last week or so because I was able to quit my job last Thursday to take a part-time job at the church where my husband works.  I am also still excited about taking this first class towards getting my masters.  After so many wonderful changes in my life, tonight  came as a real shock.  I pulled into my apartment complex at 6:30 with nothing on my mind but getting into comfortable clothes and doing some classwork – that is, until I got to the bottom of the porch steps and saw that the apartment door was wide open.   At first, I didn’t think much of it.  Sometimes, if the lock isn’t turned all the way, the strong wind can blow the door open; and I’ve actually come home to an open door before.  But this time it was different.  There were pieces of wood scattered all over the foyer.  My two cats were wandering around the door frame and I was standing on the porch, frozen in my tracks. I didn’t want to believe that someone had broken into the apartment, but the signs were too obvious to ignore.  Through our bedroom window, I saw that the closet light was on, something we never do.  As I stepped as quietly as possible into the foyer, I saw that the pane next to the door had been ripped completely off and laid across the couch.  As I peered into the living room, I saw the television had been pulled away from the wall and the spare bedroom light was on, a definite no-no in our household.  Afraid that the burglar was still there, I grabbed my cats and locked them in the car.  I called Josh and told him what I had seen. He told me to call the police, which I did. We lost a bunch of stuff: my laptop, Josh’s ipod shuffle, our Nintendo Wii and Wii games/controllers, both of our DS Lites, and our wireless router.  It was tough to see our personal belongings strewn about and most of our drawers open.  The cops took down a list of things that had been stolen and a detective came by to ask our neighbors some questions.  A man also came and took pictures of the apartment and dusted for fingerprints.  I don’t think it did much good.  Josh and I were disappointed at the loss of our stuff, but it’s one of those situations that makes you appreciate everything you have.  I’m definitely going to suffer in school without my laptop, and buying this stuff back will be difficult now that I’ve quit my cushy job.  But I’m thankful that my husband and my kitties are safe and that I have people in my life that are there for me when horrible things like this happen.  I just hope that dude got a splinter on the way out the door with my stuff!   

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