Candy Man

April 24, 2008 leahdanielle

Thursday was a bless-ed day, going very well,

Until the boss instructed me to sit at Front Desk Hell.

I sat there in the lobby with my chin inside my palm,

Answering the telephone between each stifled yawn.

And then I get a phone call from my friend across the hall.

She’s asking me a question – plus, we really like to talk.

As we chat, I hear a beep I hear most every day.

The slowest elevator known is slowly on its way.

My friend asks one more question as our talk comes to an end.

“Have some t-shirts yet arrived” because her boss is expecting them.

At just this time the elevator doors release a man.

He walks up to my Desk from Hell with a black bag in his hand.

I say “How funny you should ask, the timing can’t be greater!”

“The shirts you asked me for are here – fresh off the elevator!”

But, wait a sec – I know this man!  I recognize his face!

I just cannot remember when we met or in what place.

He asks me all about my life and all the things I’ve done.

He can’t believe how old I am.  I used to be so young!

Who is this man who speaks to me, who knows me oh so well?

We’ve been good friends some time ago.  I know it.  I can tell.

It isn’t till he steps behind the elevator walls

And says to me this very thing that made me then recall

“I haven’t any bubble gum to give you this time, dear.”

I say “It’s quite alright.  But it was nice to have you here.”

The slowest elevator known creeped down to level one.

And I behind my old front desk began to smile some.

I pictured me, a little girl, all dressed for sunday school.

When suddenly I see a jacket red as any jewel!

I take off at a running pace and scream out “Candy Man!”

The friendly fellow reaches out to shake my little hand.

The beauty of this moment as it happens every time

Is once you pull your hand away, a treasure rests inside.

The moment I had scampered off to sit down in the pew

I’d slowly lift my fingers up and marvel at the view.

The Candy Man was special, but the best was yet to come.

For now I held within my hand a piece of bubble gum.

And now that you have wasted time reading what I wrote,

Know that you must thank the man with candy in his coat.

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