And she’s back!

December 2, 2008 leahdanielle

I took a long break from blogging because I had nothing to say.  But it would seem that I have lots to say now, especially considering that last night my whole life came out my eyes and my poor husband could think of nothing to do but wrap his arms around me and try to stop me up.  So I’m going to blog.  My stress looks better online than it does on my face.

So to start off, an anecdote from the montessori school involving one of my faves Enrique:

Miss Michelle: Tatum, I like your haircut.

Tatum: *staring blankly in silence*

Enrique: Do you like my haircut?

Miss Michelle and Miss Leah simultaneously: You didn’t get a haircut.

Enrique: Yes I am.


Ok, next, after years of wondering how parents could leave their child at school from seven in the morning to six thirty at night, I finally got an answer.  According to a parent that came to pick up her child at 6:15 last night, this is how it happens:

“Oh, she was coughing today?  Well, she did that last night too.  So I was going to pick her up from carpool today.  But then I got busy.  And so I was going to pick her up early from after school care.  But then it got late.  And so here we are!”

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