Politics is just another word for Celebrity Gossip

July 29, 2009 leahdanielle

I remember now why I never bother with politics.  It’s because no one will ever just present the pros and cons of an issue or policy and then let people form opinions based on them.  That’s how democracy SHOULD run.  Instead, it’s just like following a sports team or a movie star: you pick your side and your head guy and you avidly support them no matter what.  And you absolutely have to bash the rival competition, even if they might be doing a good job.  No thank you.

God, what I wouldn’t give to replace those asenine facebook statuses with ones that say “Helped a friend look for a job today” or “Talked to a group of teenage girls about the consequences of sex” or “Volunteered at a shelter.”  What on earth are we trying to prove with our sarcasm and backhanded comments?  When is the last time that anyone responded positively to a character judgment or an accusation??

Please, if you have something negative to say about a political figure, don’t say it out loud, and if you have an issue with a policy, use constructive language and relevant adjectives instead of fire-fueling jargon.  I spend at least two hours every Sunday morning teaching preschoolers to treat each other with respect, then I go out into a world where grown-ups treat each other like crap.  It has to stop.

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