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Just shove it in

I had the opportunity during a wedding rehearsal to whisper something hilarious to my neighbor.  But I didn’t because my neighbor’s humor convictions were mysterious to me.  So I played it safe by thinking my joke and then thinking a laugh.

Someday, I’m going to re-tell that story as though I actually said it and everyone around me laughed and laughed.  It will be insane!  Someday, it will be insane…


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So, Emmie, this is your life.

I’ve been welcoming a lot of new people into the family recently.  Besides Josh marrying into it, my cousins have all started reproducing.  The newest generation of the family is starting to emerge.  It started a couple years back with a little boy.  Now, this year, three new little girls are showing up one by one.  The second, and newest, addition is Emerson.  She’s about four weeks old by now and adorable as all get out.

But my favorite thing about babies is watching Josh hold them.  So, of course, when we went to a family cook-out, I drug him along so that he could hold Emmie.  He did.  But then she died a little and so he gave her to someone else.  It made for a good picture, though.

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She’s got HUGE…tracts of land!

A co-worker of mine went to Yellowstone recently for vacation, and she was telling the rest of us about the scenery and the wildlife.  There were buffalo, deer, and – according to her – “these beautiful elk – with big, big racks; HUGE racks.”  There were hand motions involved.

Anyway, go to Yellowstone if you’d like to see some big, gorgeous racks.

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Wus Up, Wus Up???

Josh was just doing the Bankhead Bounce.     What?  Oh, it’s this right here.

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Talking Goat (this post is for me)

For maybe the second or third time in my life, I laughed so hard that I actually started crying.

Clarification: Not tearing up – crying.

WARNING: Please ignore the more irreverant parts of this clip.

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Want some candy, child??

Working at my church is like having 25 grandmas.

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Quick! Somebody call an ambliance!!

Title speaks for itself.  The other day, a girl said “ambliance” instead of “ambulance”.  It was hilariously sad.  Or sadly hilarious.  Anyway, it was funny.

2 comments August 21, 2008

Grown-Up Angst

I subbed for an after-school care class at my old school yesterday.  I was in charge of the second graders.  Within minutes, one of the little girls asked me “Are you a teenager or a grown-up?”.  And I had this feeling like there was something really clever to be said, but 1. I couldn’t think of anything in time, and 2. Whatever I might have thought of would probably not be appropriate to say to a second-grader.  So I told her I was a grown-up.

Later, the same girl asked me this:

Excuse me, but has a boy ever looked at you….and uh….looked into your eyes…eh….and he wa-…and he liked….and he wanted you to be his girlfriend?

It’s been a long time, but, yeah, I’ve had a guy look into my eyes and want me to be his girlfriend.  In fact, the last time that happened, I was a teenager…

On a similar note, about a week ago, I was working in the nursery at my church and I actually wore a dress and straightened my hair (I usually look like “Aw, come on now, you didn’t even try!”).  And this old lady who works there with me said I looked like a teenager.  Then she proceeded to tell me that even though I was “grown up” and married, she bet that the teenage boys still looked at me.

Am I a teenager or a grown-up?

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And another one gone…

Another day another wedding.  Josh was in his second wedding this month – the wedding of one of his best friends Samm (that’s Sam with a vanity “m” at the end).  It was the first wedding I’ve been to where I was still close with the friend AND knew and liked his fiance.  It made the experience much more pleasant and meaningful.  I made best friend #45 while our significant others prepared to be in the wedding party.  I also learned that Perry, GA has zero Mexican restaurants, one Applebees, and five drug stores.  The wedding was short and sweet, our friends were beautiful, and the reception was a blast.  And the best part?   My husband tried to do the electric slide.  And what could be better than that?

Hey, we’re gonna get you too!  Another one bites the dust!!

6 comments July 31, 2008

Hey, Leah, your epidermis is showing…!

I was walking by the receptionist’s desk and she says: “Ooo, I like your blouse.”

I stared at her like a moron because for one terrifying moment, I had no idea what a blouse was.  And then I remembered that a blouse is like a shirt, and that I was wearing one.  So I said thank you.  And then I laughed inside because someone said “blouse” to me.

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