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Help vs. Hurt

Things I did today that helped:

1.  Hit snooze for an hour (and a half).

2.  Played basketball with Josh in my driveway.

3.  Ate cheesey potato soup.

4.  Took a long walk in the neighborhood.

5.  Watched Toy Story.

6.  Ate a huge slice of pizza!

7.  Walked around the mall.

8.  Played on the piano.

9.  Thought about my friends in Spain.

10.  Beat marathon mode on tetris (TWICE!!)

11.  Started a major cleaning-my-room session which I shall finish once I’m done posting.

12.  E-mailed a far-away friend.

13.  Ate a rice krispie treat.

Things I did today that hurt:

1.  Woke up to a messy room.

2.   Missed a movie.

3.  Forgot to put the lid back on something.

4.  Ate another gigantic piece of pizza.

Everyday the positives outweigh the negatives.  I think it’s the big things that make me feel….um… the end of the day.  I need a better-paying job, for one thing.  And I really want to move out of my parent’s house.  I’d love to know I’ll be starting my masters soon.  But none of those things look like they’ll be happening any time soon.  BUT – I gotta stay positive!  Because, even if you add those three big things to my negative list, I still have had a more positive day!

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Help vs. Hurt

Things I did yesterday that helped:

1.  Arrived to work on time.

2.  Told the story of Hannah to my three-year-olds.

3.  Taught a little boy how to say “Too bad, so sad”. (He finally got it after several times of saying “Too bad, too sad”.)

4.  Had a noodle fight with keilah diaz.

5.  Slept for five hours.

6.  Went to a party.

7.  Watched a very decent 2006 episode of the Simpsons.

8.  Managed to get to bed at an acceptable time.

Things I did yesterday that hurt:

1.  Skipped church.

2.  Forgot to eat until 9:00 at night.

Good day, yesterday. Can’t complain. Happy MLK Day everybody.

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Help vs. Hurt

Things I did today that helped:

1.  Slept in until 1:00.

2.  Fixed my hair differently.

3.  Wore jewelry with my outfit.

4.  Saw a great movie with a great guy.

5.  Ate cheese dip for dinner (that’s fun every once in a while).

6.  Received a new song for my ipod.

7.  Walked around the mall.

8.  Listened to some songs I haven’t heard in a while.

9.  Held my kitty-cat.

Things I did today that hurt:

1.  Ate a McDonald’s hamburger for lunch.

2.  Took a luke warm bath.

3.  Had big hair for the first half of the evening.

4.  Cried a little.

5.  Realized that my cruise control doesn’t work on my car.

6.  Forgot to go to the bank.

7.  Got home late again.

I’ve got to start getting more sleep.  But it’s really hard for a night-owl like me to get to bed early.  The world is not set up to cater to night-owls.  Almost everything seems to involve getting up early.

The movie I saw was Rocky Balboa.  I was surprised that I like it.  But I did.  It’s good.

My cat rocks my face off.

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Help vs. Hurt

Things I did today that helped:

1.  Woke up early.

2.  Added sugar to my cereal.

3.  Exercised.

4.  Cleaned out my car.

5.  Initiated my “Beginning a Masters Degree” effort with a couple phone calls.

6.   Went back to sleep for a few hours.

7.  Wore my new boots and my new jacket at the same time.

8.  Pursued a better job.

9.  Read to my students.

10.  Played a game.

11. Worked with Boyfriend on my resume/website.

12.  Ate potato and broccoli soup.

Things I did today that hurt:

1.  Got up early.

2.   Turned down a job.

3.  Once again, put off cleaning my room.

4.  Ate a cafeteria hotdog for lunch.

5.  Forgot to let Sarah T. go to the treasure bag.

6.  Ate several pieces of chocolate because I was hungry.

Too many of the things I do that hurt involve eating bad food when I’m hungry.  I’m making the personal commitment to work very hard on not doing that anymore.  And don’t worry, Sarah T. will most assuredly go to the treasure bag on Wednesday (but not tomorrow because she’s not coming to ASC).

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Help vs. Hurt

Things I did today that helped:

1. Received a fun phone call early this morning.

2. Laughed with a friend.

3. Played ring-around-the-rosie with about fifteen three-year-olds (or more).

4. Ate at Roasters.

5. Took a 45-minute nap.

6. Played tetris.

7. Saw my favorite cousin.

8. Saw my favorite cousin’s new baby boy and held him.

9. Had several fun conversations with my brother’s girlfriend.

10. Ate chocolate pretzels.

11. Received a voicemail message in response to my job posting on

12. Talked to my boyfriend on the phone.

13. Took a couple tyl. pms to help me sleep.

Things I did today that hurt:

1. Left my new coat and ipod nano at allie’s house.

2. Left my new coat and ipod nano at allie’s house.

3. Left my new coat and ipod nano at allie’s house.

4. I really hated not having my ipod.

5. I really could have used that ipod on that long drive to my aunt’s house.

6. Gosh I love my ipod.

A spectacular day!! (Even without my ipod nano.) And, OH MY GOD!!! I might have a job lined up for the end of May!!! AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

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Help vs. Hurt (cont.)

Things I did yesterday that helped:

1. Wore a new shirt.

2.  Took a hot soaking bath instead of a quick shower.

3.  Told someone Happy Birthday.

4.  Ate an apple.

5.  Put together a puzzle.

6.  Ate dinner with my mom (baked chicken – YUM!)

7.  Rehashed funny stories from work with my parents.

8.  Made my sick boyfriend feel better.

9.  Found out that my wonderful boyfriend got me a URL.  I now have a website (this one) called

10.  Put up an ad on Craigslist for a nannying position months in advance.

Things I did yesterday that hurt.

1.  Ached in even more places than the day before from my excessive exercising.

2.  Ate two banana nut muffins while I was starving (bad idea).

3.  Felt tired most of the day.

4.  Witnessed some head-bumping action (that actually might should be included in the “things that helped” list).

5.  Got a speeding ticket.

6.  Went to bed really late.

Getting a speeding ticket counts as, like, eight things that hurt.  I was in bad shape last night.  But I went to bed happy, excited about my craigslist post.  Thanks, God, for the little things.

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Help vs. Hurt (cont.) – Jan. 3

Things I did today that helped:

1. Went shopping.

2. Arrived at work early and made my appearance in the boss’s office.

3. Ate lunch in my mom’s room (a free lunch, I might add).

4. Saw my kids for the first time in about two and a half weeks.

5. Witnessed an incredibly hilarious conversation between a three-year-old and a four-year-old.

6. Gave a friend a gift.

7. Spent time with some of my favorite people.

8. Got asked out on a date.

9. Showed off my new clothes.

10. Drank a bottle of water.

Things I did today that hurt:

1. Woke up to my alarm at 6:40 and hit snooze until 8:15.

2. Ate a chicken taco for lunch.

3. Left my phone at home by mistake.

4. Ached and ached due to my excessive exercising the night before.

5. Went straight from work to work.

6. Ate a bowl of canned chili (what was I thinking?)

7. Stayed up entirely too late (it’s after midnight).

Once again, the positives outweigh the negatives. Score!!

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Help vs. Hurt – Jan. 2

Things I did today that helped:

1.  Went shopping for things I needed and things I really wanted.

2.  Ran/danced to music for forty-five minutes in my room.

3.  Took a shower

4.  Ate an orange

5.  Drank two bottles of Aquafina water

6.  Read a little bit from Birdman.

7.  Flossed my teeth.

8.  Created a blog.

Things I did today that hurt:

1.  Cleaned a slew of sleeping mats with loads of bleach.  (That negatively affected my health and my pants.)

2.  Ate three soft tacos and drank a huge cup of Dr. Pepper at Taco Bell for lunch.

3.  Put off cleaning my room.

4.  Skipped dinner.

I  think  that overall, I should feel pretty good.  And I do.

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