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The New “New Atheists”

A friend of my husband’s posted an article recently and I happened upon it.  There were so many interesting things about this article.  These Atheists 3.0 are saying that while they still don’t believe in God, they do believe that religion is beneficial to society.  I tend to hold the opposite view, since even as of late religion has done a number on my self-esteem and world-perspective (making me cling to the existence of God and the saving power of Christ but reject the institution of religion for the most part).  But I absolutely loved what the article had to say about atheists meeting believers in the middle and working together to love on people.

This quote is my fave: “When our goal is erasing religion, rather than embracing human beings, we all lose.”

I feel like this is what I’ve been trying to express in my rants and raves recently, only from the Christian perspective: When our goal is to promote (insert literally anything here – political views, religion, etc.), rather than embracing human beings, we all lose.

How incredible that both atheists and christians alike are starting to realize how important people are.  I hope this attitude spreads like wildfire.  Here is the article:


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Politics is just another word for Celebrity Gossip

I remember now why I never bother with politics.  It’s because no one will ever just present the pros and cons of an issue or policy and then let people form opinions based on them.  That’s how democracy SHOULD run.  Instead, it’s just like following a sports team or a movie star: you pick your side and your head guy and you avidly support them no matter what.  And you absolutely have to bash the rival competition, even if they might be doing a good job.  No thank you.

God, what I wouldn’t give to replace those asenine facebook statuses with ones that say “Helped a friend look for a job today” or “Talked to a group of teenage girls about the consequences of sex” or “Volunteered at a shelter.”  What on earth are we trying to prove with our sarcasm and backhanded comments?  When is the last time that anyone responded positively to a character judgment or an accusation??

Please, if you have something negative to say about a political figure, don’t say it out loud, and if you have an issue with a policy, use constructive language and relevant adjectives instead of fire-fueling jargon.  I spend at least two hours every Sunday morning teaching preschoolers to treat each other with respect, then I go out into a world where grown-ups treat each other like crap.  It has to stop.

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April 1st!

My boss is a huge fan of practical jokes.  So when I woke up yesterday, one of my first thoughts was, “he’s going to do something today.”  Well, me and two other co-workers from my department were coming back from the break room.  My friend scanned her card to unlock the door and gave it a nudge to open it.  The look on her face and the fact that she tried to scan her card again let me know that the door wasn’t opening.

Next thing I know, she’s laughing and pointing through the tiny window towards the floor on the other side.  I peek in and see the top of my boss’ pastel shirt as he his kneeling on all fours on the other side of the door.  When we attempt to push it open again, he jumps up, and in his thick, Cuban accent yells “APRIL 1ST!”

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Expansion of my FB Status

Christians who constantly try to find reasons why other Christians aren’t really Christians are huge wasters of time and are completely missing the point.  For all you “defenders of the gospel” out there, just know this: love is going to win out in the end.  If you’re not spending every spare second loving on people, you’re not taking the proper stance.  I’m tired of seeing Christians fighting and slandering one another.  If you want to be heard, make what you have to say worth hearing.  Earn some respect.  Such was the tactic of Christ.  Sarcasm, accusations, and blatantly rude comments are embarrassingly opposite the message of Jesus and the gospel. 

Defend your faith through loving demonstration, keep your eye on the prize, and don’t get sidetracked with pride-induced fits of hateful banter.  If you don’t take every opportunity to love on people in the name of Christ, someone else will love on them in the name of someone/something else.  And that will be your fault.  God help us.

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Down, little feminist!

So, I think I’ve told just about everyone I know, but I have a tiny feminist that lives in my brain.  She just kinda popped up somewhere between 2004 and 2006.  She doesn’t say much, but once in a while she pitches an ever-loving fit.  Today, she threw a record-breaking tantrum after I read an article that quoted Mark Driscoll saying that women shouldn’t be elders or pastors because they are more gullible and easier to deceive than men.  Of course, I reminded my little feminist to (quote Mark Driscoll) “not get all emotional about this like a woman”, but that just made it worse. 

Mark Driscoll, I don’t know you, but you upset my feminist and that disappoints me.

1 comment February 25, 2009

20% of $30 is $1, right??

No!  It’s $6!   Tipping less than 20% is rude, people!  It’s rude!  So just dig deep into your pitiless soul and scrape up the decency to part with an extra five dollar bill.

And Christians!!  Stop embarrassing yourselves and tip 30%, for God’s sake.  You’re the laughing stock of the food industry.

There.  I said it.

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4 down, 7 to go…

There were eleven people in my wedding, six on my side, five on Josh’s.  Since then, the marriage virus has been spreading.  During my engagement, one of my bridesmaids got engaged as well.   Her wedding is in April.  This year, one of my maids of honor has gotten engaged, one of my bridesmaids has gotten married, and one of Josh’s groomsmen has gotten married as well.  That’s four people who are married or engaged now – out of the eleven people in our wedding.  AND two more out of that wedding party are on the verge of engagement.  In fact, it is safe to say that they are unofficially engaged.  So we’re looking at closer to 6/11 at this point.  I like to think of myself as a trail blazer…

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Declare your style!

Rue 21 (my favie clothing store) just e-mailed me and told me to declare my style (with their clothing, of course).  I want to declare my style so bad!

ps – I just got a part-time job working with preschoolers, so blog posts like THIS won’t be cluttering up my site.  I apologize for the lag in interesting posts.  I’ve been dying a little inside daily and that makes for lame writing.

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Just shove it in

I had the opportunity during a wedding rehearsal to whisper something hilarious to my neighbor.  But I didn’t because my neighbor’s humor convictions were mysterious to me.  So I played it safe by thinking my joke and then thinking a laugh.

Someday, I’m going to re-tell that story as though I actually said it and everyone around me laughed and laughed.  It will be insane!  Someday, it will be insane…

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Quick! Somebody call an ambliance!!

Title speaks for itself.  The other day, a girl said “ambliance” instead of “ambulance”.  It was hilariously sad.  Or sadly hilarious.  Anyway, it was funny.

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