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Feels so good!

I love when I can look back at a decision I made years before and still think “Ah, that was so totally the best decision ever!”  And so I’d like to note this moment in which I have done just that and write it here in my blog as an encouragement to myself.  See, Leah?  You at least get it right when it counts!

Add a comment August 24, 2009

April 1st!

My boss is a huge fan of practical jokes.  So when I woke up yesterday, one of my first thoughts was, “he’s going to do something today.”  Well, me and two other co-workers from my department were coming back from the break room.  My friend scanned her card to unlock the door and gave it a nudge to open it.  The look on her face and the fact that she tried to scan her card again let me know that the door wasn’t opening.

Next thing I know, she’s laughing and pointing through the tiny window towards the floor on the other side.  I peek in and see the top of my boss’ pastel shirt as he his kneeling on all fours on the other side of the door.  When we attempt to push it open again, he jumps up, and in his thick, Cuban accent yells “APRIL 1ST!”

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20% of $30 is $1, right??

No!  It’s $6!   Tipping less than 20% is rude, people!  It’s rude!  So just dig deep into your pitiless soul and scrape up the decency to part with an extra five dollar bill.

And Christians!!  Stop embarrassing yourselves and tip 30%, for God’s sake.  You’re the laughing stock of the food industry.

There.  I said it.

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My boss (Bob) came into my office yesterday and told me that he and the group had been talking.  Once again, I was scared.  But he said that the litigation team wanted to do something for me and “my fiance”.  So basically, Bob (with MM&M’s money) is taking the litigation group and me and Josh to a place called Nava about a month from now.  I thought that was so sweet.  Then a friend in my group showed me the menu…now I’m not so sure what I think about this evening out…

We’ll see, I guess.  But it was nice of Bob to think of me!  Awwww…

 sidenote: I’m having one of those days that isn’t necessarily bad, I just wish it were over.  It’s gotten old – especially since I tried to fix oatmeal and it over-flowed in the microwave.

1 comment August 22, 2007

Sexy Pirate Pic.

Everyone look at this !

How good does JOSH look as a Pirate???  (He is next to me on the far left for those of you not familiar with my fiance Josh.)

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For those of you who do not know, I love me some karaoke.  It’s probably the most entertaining people-watching you’ll ever get.  Well, for the first time in my life, I actually had a bad experience with karaoke.  The other night, I was at a karaoke bar with some friends and I went up to do a song.  Well, the regular d.j. (Rose Marie) was done with her shift and so she let this other lady take over.  This particular “fill-in” was a little infatuated with me because I helped her put on a tiara in the bathroom at one point during the night.

So, during my song, she decides that she likes my singing and that my ability to sing makes me “hot”.  The woman is hollering out random things over my song the whole time and then – to my horror –  she proceeds to yell “You’re hot, girl! Take off that sweater!!” (I was wearing a sweater.)  That yelled, she begins to peel my sweater off of my body while I’m singing.


If you didn’t catch that, the woman started peeling my sweater off of my body on stage while I’m singing.  I thought she was just kidding, but she really wouldn’t let go of the sweater until I allowed her to take the whole thing off.  THEN – as if that wasn’t enough – she decided I had earned a “butt-slap” for doing such a good job.

I sang no other songs that night.  I sat behind Josh, hiding.

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Help vs. Hurt

Things I did recently that helped:

1.  Got engaged!

2.  Started a new job

3.  Booked a chapel, reception site, and rehearsal dinner room for the wedding stuff

4.  Sang karaoke

5.  Ate a bloomin’ onion at outback steakhouse

6.  Got my nails done

7.  Went to bed early two nights in a row

8.  Got a free soy chai tea latte with vanilla from the starbucks at work

9.  Was dubbed “Princess” by the doorman at the Atlanta Financial Center

10.  Was complimented by my boss – twice

11.  Realized that the place I work has a free soda fountain (this means I can drink soda all day for free)

12.  Threw a Die Hard birthday party

13.  Watched Die Hard

14.  Had three awkward encounters with the quirky, one-liner guy that every workplace has

15.  Bought new dress-clothes for work.

Things I did recently that hurt:

1.  Sat with my shoulders and back all tensed up for hours and hours in a row

2.  Ate out every single day last week

3.  Skipped exercising two weeks in a row

4.  Let my room get super messy

Feeling good!!!  None of those negatives can’t be easily fixed!

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Not too shabby

The concert was pretty fun.  I really enjoyed being with Emma again after all these years of not hanging out.  I hope to do it again soon.  Her friends were interesting, as well. 

Justin Timberlake put on a good concert.  He has an excellent voice live and he dances incredibly well.  It was very entertaining and I actually enjoyed a lot of his songs.  I might go buy the cd later.  I think it’d be worth having.

There was an extremely drunk woman in front of us who was dressed like a teenager but had the face of a 45-year-old.  She was so trashed that she couldn’t stand up for more than a few minutes at a time without falling into her seat.  She made a few people spill some of their drinks and she kept grabbing me, Ashley, and Emma to mutter meaningless jabber into our faces.  Her dancing was hysterical.  It made the concert extra fun and entertaining.  I got my picture taken with her per Ashley’s request; and when I get a hold of it, I’ll post it here.  It’s pretty good, I must say.

 Good job, Justin.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day!  Today has been a wonderful one, too.  I gave all of my students and co-workers a chocolate marshmallow heart.  And my students have been absolute angels!  Right now, it’s the beginning of nap and they are being quiet as mice.  I hope it lasts! 

Tonight will probably be like any other night for me because I already celebrated Valentine’s Day with Josh this past Friday.  We went to Emeril’s in Buckhead.  It was SOOOO good and the service was fantastic.  I highly recommend it to anyone looking to spend a few extra bucks for some quality fun.  Make sure to try a mojito while you’re there!

If you want to know more, go here.  In the top right corner, there is something that says “select a restaurant”.  This will direct you to the one in Atlanta.  The very tip of the table where Josh and I sat is in the far right side of the picture on the website!  How exciting!

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  I have an addiction.  It’s a computer game addiction.  Every few days, I come up with a new one.  Recently, I’ve been playing Cubis 2 everyday at naptime.  But today, I found a superly awesome game that is a mixture between bingo and any beat-the-clock puzzle game.  Here’s how it works:

There’s a bingo chart that is color-coded and you have to search through an ever-growing trail of colored/numbered balls to find the numbers that match your card.  When you click on a matching number, it disappears from your card and the matching ball disappears from the trail (thus making the trail shorter).  If you take too long to do this, the growing trail will reach all the way to the mouth of a demon statue and your game is over.  You have to clear the entire card to move on to the next level.  It’s pretty fun.  The only downer is that you get pretty good at it the first couple times you play it and there are a very limited number of levels unless you download the trial version of Twistingo.  But, it’s fun for a few minutes. 

For those of you who have the same addiction as I do, you might want to try out one or both of the above-mentioned games – Cubis 2 or Twistingo.  Good luck!

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