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Rippety rap rap, raptastic!

I went to my myspace account this morning (which is a rarety) and was reading through some of my really old blog posts. I found one that I just have to share with you all. Many of you have probably already read it because it is, like I said, on my myspace page. But it’s just so good! It deserves to be broadcasted everywhere!

Ok, back-story: I went to Spain for two months during this past summer. While I was there, I did a lot of e-mailing. I was e-mailing a high school friend back and forth and he entertained me so much with his e-mails. Then, the internet connection suddenly stopped working in the house and I wasn’t able to e-mail anybody for weeks. When we finally got a new cable and set up the internet connection again, this is the e-mail I had waiting in my facebook mailbox.


Subject: rippity rap rap, raptastic!

Message:Did that old dude that was staring at you kidnap you?

Were you so angry when you found out that I didn’t actually have a mustache that you decided not to talk to me anymore until I did?

Did you catch enchilada enduced amnesia?

Did all of your fingers and toes fall off in a weird bull-related mishap and now you can’t type?

Did you speak so much spanish that you forgot english?

Did you fall into a well full of delicious milkshake and decide to drink it all before you call for help?

Did you fall and hit your head on a boulder and forget you have a facebook?

Did you step on some straw and sticks covering an animal pit and fall into it, and land on a lion and the lion ate you but couldn’t digest you because strangely you are a undigestable to lions so the lion spit you out and then you both got bored and started talking down in the animal pit and became great friends?

Did you mistakenly go to an anti-people-named-Brent rally and decide that the message behind it was pretty convincing and now you despise me on account of my name?

Did a bear ask you to marry it and you were so scared of the bear that you said yes but then it turned out that the bear was really just that old starey man in a bear suit but since you already said yes you went ahead and married him and now you live in a cave and have two adorable cubs because it turned out the old starey man in a bear costume actually was a bear inside of a old man costume inside of a bear costume and the bear had some good points on why people named Brent are lame and why you should avoid them?

Is that what happened? Huh?

I thought so. I hate stupid bears.


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Tetris and Writer’s Block

I finally beat it!!  I beat marathon mode on Tetris for the DS Lite!!  I’m soooooo happy!

On another note, I have a favor to ask of anyone who reads this.  i am going to write down the verse of a song.  One should be able to tell the rhythm of the lines by reading the first three.  The fourth is the one that needs mending.  I won’t write what I’ve come up with.  I want anyone with a suggestion to write it in for me.  All I need is one line that rhymes with the first two lines.  You’ll understand when you see it.  Here goes:

Lying still, as still can be.

Moving only tires me.

So I’ll lay here like a sculpture


Any ideas?

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Ode to Mama-Midge

My grandmother just turned eighty on Thursday.  She has lived with my family since I was a toddler.  It is my dad’s mom.  My grandfather died when my dad was a little boy.  Mama-Midge is what we call her.  This is because when we were little, my brother and I saw our grandmother just as much as we saw our mother.  Therefore, we started calling both of them “mama”.  To differentiate, my parents started referring to her as Mama-Midge (her name is Loraine but many call her Midge as a nickname).  She’s just  about the greatest person I know.  For her birthday, I wrote her a poem and attached a bunch of pictures of my brother and me.  I just thought I’d share:


I know that as the years go on it may get quite depressing

To know you can’t go up the stairs without stopping and resting.

I know sometimes you wish that you had something to erase

Those bothersome new wrinkles that appear upon your face.

But think of all the good things that these many years have brought!

Just look here at the beautiful two grandkids that you’ve got!

And don’t forget how every single year has brought you closer

To two grandkids who love you and each day are getting older.

When we were lying in our cribs, you stood right there beside us.

And everyday when we were young, you helped to mold and guide us.

So now that we are all grown up, we get to have a go

At taking care of Grandma summer sun and winter snow.

We couldn’t be more grateful for a grandma such as you.

I bet that you don’t even know the things you’ve helped us through!

Well, let me tell you here and now that you’re the best there is!

Forget the wrinkles and the aches, you’re loved by two GRANDkids!!

(Just for the record, the day before, my grandmother made a funny joke about how new wrinkles come daily.  I wasn’t just being a jerk.)

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Two Minutes Too Late

So, my boyfriend Josh is amazing at the marathon mode of Tetris on the DS Lite.  Marathon mode is when you play Tetris until you’ve cleared 200 lines.  He’s beaten it, like, seven times.  But I haven’t beaten it once.  So, in the car yesterday, I made it my mission to beat the stupid marathon mode so Josh couldn’t say he was better than me anymore.  Well, I played several times and realized I was getting better and better.  So finally, I cleared 150 lines (my record up to that point) and was still going strong.  I’m not sure exactly how many lines I had when, at the climax of my endeavor, my DS Lite shut off.

The battery had died.  It died!  Now I’ll never know if I would have beaten that stupid marathon mode!  I’m devestated.  But all is not lost.  I have a charger.  Yes, we shall meet again Marathon Mode.

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Hello world! – Jan. 2

I started a blog. came up with the title.

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