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Status Update Memorandum

At work, the attorneys are always creating status update memorandums and sending them to the client to let them know where they are on the case.  I’m preparing my own status update memorandum to all my gazillions of readers to fill them in on my latest happenings.  Here’s what’s been going on with me:

 1.  Josh and I got our first pet together – he’s a 3-month old, solid black kitten named Albus.  Pictures will be posted in the next few days.

 2.  Josh and I bought a new car a few weeks ago.  It’s a silver Scion Xd.  We love it.  But Josh still hasn’t gotten to drive it yet.

3.  I’ve now been working in a law firm for over nine months.  That’s eight months longer than I thought I would last.

4.  I’m starting my masters in education on January 1st.  I should have my degree and a teaching certificate within 2 years.  SO EXCITED!!!!

 5.  Josh and I are celebrating our first holiday season together.  Thanksgiving was fun, as we visited both families in one day.  We bought our Christmas tree (which leans a little and gets skinnier towards the bottom, but is still cute).  Albus, our new kitten (if you’ll remember), has done so much damage to the tree that there are now more ornaments on the floor around the apartment than on the tree.

 6.  I got my hair cut about a month ago.  For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s above my shoulders.  It’s the shortest hair cut I’ve had since middle school.  But I like it.

 And lastly…

7.  I have a cloth Christmas tree hanging outside my cubicle that plays music and has magnetic ornaments.  It has been a real hit today.  (OMG, I just got a Christmas present!!!)  Anyway, I’m pretty popular today on account of it.

 That’s it.


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Happy Thursday

Have-a-Good-Day Guy just told me to have a great day. 

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He loves me through my lunch

Josh just loves me!  He finds all sorts of creative ways to do it!  One really great way he showed me he loves me was by packing my lunch for me this morning for work. 

Today I have: a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, a bottled water, a piece of cookie dough, and a napkin with a note on it!!  Excuse me, Jesus, but what did I ever do to deserve a husband who packs lunches with love in them??

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How to Not Be a Jerk

I know I’ve posted a lot today, but I have to vent about this.  I can’t hold it in anymore.

 Yesterday at lunch,  I was in the kitchen about to prepare my frozen macaroni dinner.  There are two microwaves – one on one side of the kitchen and one on the other.  I walked over to a small table that is directly next to one of the microwaves.  It is there that I laid all my stuff and began opening my frozen dinner. 

 As I was doing this, some girl walks in and puts a huge flipping magazine on the tiny table that I was using.  Then, SEEING THAT I WAS OPENING MY FROZEN DINNER RIGHT NEXT TO THE MICROWAVE, she hurries and sticks her food into it and then sits down at MY table!  She actually by-passed an empty microwave to use the one that I was just about to use; then took over my table!

 Ok, so, people always want to know why I can be friends with anybody and everybody.  Here’s my big secret:  I DON’T DO BLATANTLY RUDE THINGS TO STRANGERS

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Quote of the Day

“Today’s not a good day to give up drinkin’ – not that I would!”

– comment made by co-worker early this morning

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Case of the Mondays

Bob’s out of the office today because of a family emergency and his secretary is out with  a sinus infection.  I’d like to say that this means I’ll be having a relaxing day…….yep………sure would like to say that….

 I’ll just have to be strong until I can leave and go to my hip-hop dance lessons with Sara!!! That’ll banish a case of the Mondays ANY day of the week!

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I need to wash my brain…

Today, I saw a man walk into the restroom with a newspaper in his hand.  Oh, the mental images? – Nothing a little hot water and a lot of scrubbing can’t cure.

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Word Vomit

In the movie Mean Girls, the phrase “word vomit” is used – describing what happens when you just suddenly and almost involuntarily start saying awful things about someone.  I think there is an epidemic of word vomit here at the firm.  People just start saying nasty things about each other all the time.  My most recent encounter almost made me vomit (for real).

 Someone asked me who I worked with and when I mentioned a particular name, the lady I was talking to immediately hurled all over me.  She gave me an earful about my co-worker and said terrible things about her.  In the midst of tearing my co-worker to shreds verbally, she was also singing the praises of another co-worker of mine, saying that the good co-worker should replace the bad co-worker.  The best part?  My friend (who had been standing there with me while I was backed into a corner by this lady) told me that usually, the mean lady bad-mouthed the “good co-worker” saying things that were completely opposite the things she’d told me.

So this is what I learned:  the word vomit epidemic is rampant and the only way to avoid it is to keep to yourself.  As one who wants to be friends with the whole world, I say:

 That’s not fair!    :*(

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Coffee, you say?

I had to get up very early this morning and take Josh to work before going to work myself.  Although I was driving and walking and talking, I was actually asleep in my brain.

 So this morning, when Josh asked me to buy him a bottled water at a gas station, I bought him coffee.

 Yeah, I really did that.

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Character of the day

The doorman.

At the Financial Center, there are people who stand at all the entrances during the day and part of the evening to open doors and give directions.  One particular doorman is my personal favorite.  He’s there almost every night when I leave.  He’s another nationality but I don’t know exactly what.  He has a bit of an accent (again – I don’t know what kind). and he ALWAYS calls me “Princess”.  He knows my name by now, but he still always makes it a point to call me Princess, too.  He dubbed me Princess after my first couple weeks at the AFC.  No wonder I like him, right?

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