Help vs. Hurt

March 29, 2007 leahdanielle

Things I did recently that helped:

1.  Got engaged!

2.  Started a new job

3.  Booked a chapel, reception site, and rehearsal dinner room for the wedding stuff

4.  Sang karaoke

5.  Ate a bloomin’ onion at outback steakhouse

6.  Got my nails done

7.  Went to bed early two nights in a row

8.  Got a free soy chai tea latte with vanilla from the starbucks at work

9.  Was dubbed “Princess” by the doorman at the Atlanta Financial Center

10.  Was complimented by my boss – twice

11.  Realized that the place I work has a free soda fountain (this means I can drink soda all day for free)

12.  Threw a Die Hard birthday party

13.  Watched Die Hard

14.  Had three awkward encounters with the quirky, one-liner guy that every workplace has

15.  Bought new dress-clothes for work.

Things I did recently that hurt:

1.  Sat with my shoulders and back all tensed up for hours and hours in a row

2.  Ate out every single day last week

3.  Skipped exercising two weeks in a row

4.  Let my room get super messy

Feeling good!!!  None of those negatives can’t be easily fixed!

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